About Me

I am a Dancer, Musician, TV/Radio Host, Actor/Producer and the Executive Director of South Asian Arts Society. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in over a dozen international Bhangra competitions as a Bhangra dancer and play the Dhol drum at the JUNO Awards with Russell Peters and during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. I continue to teach Bhangra & Dhol to adults and children at my own studio and at festivals, schools and universities across BC. In September 2010, my business partner Raakhi Sinha and I taught North America’s first ever University accredited Bhangra dance class at Simon Fraser University.

My organization, South Asian Arts Society, also produces theatre and comedy dance dramas. In 2009, The Georgia Straight voted ‘Bollywood Wedding’ as the “Best Outdoor Interactive Theatre Event” of the year.

Aside from performing arts, I co-host a popular TV show called “Punjabi Vibes“, which addresses pressing issues in the South Asian community via comedy sketches. I am also a Radio Host/Producer and Punjabi Music Director at Spice Radio. Monday – Friday from 5-7pm, I co-host a live sports talk show called “Gopi & the Gora” with my co-host Eddy (aka The Big E). Tune in!

My latest endeavour is a global percussion group called Sticks n’ Skins.