VANCOUVERDESI.COM EVENTS BLOGPOST: PICS 25th Anniversary Celebration, David Suzuki speaks!

On November 2nd,  one of BC’s largest immigrant serving agencies will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. I’m talking about the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society, more commonly know as PICS.

Under the leadership of founder and CEO Charan Gill, PICS now employs over 100 staff members and offers many programs and services including language and settlement services, employment programs, housing for seniors, training, and programs for women and youth.

Here’s what you need to know about the event:

This celebration event will bring together leaders from various communities and celebrate 25 years of building community and cultural understanding. Enjoy an evening filled with cultural performances, live musicians, fine dining and plenty of networking opportunities. PICS Society’s newest life members and long-term donors will also be honored and there will be a very special visitor dropping by…

The keynote speaker for the evening is environmental activist, Dr. David Suzuki.

PICS recently partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation for a wonderful campaign called Punjabi By Nature. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Suzuki during the production of the promo video and it was such an honor to meet a man who has worked so hard all of his life to protect our fragile environment. He was very down-to-earth and eager to learn his lines and dance poses. I swear he’d been practicing on his own because he was a natural. Not only did he nail the Bhangra dance moves I taught him, but his pronunciation of the Punjabi lines was bang on! And let’s not forget his outfit. Dr. Suzuki looks super slick in the Bhangra vardi (uniform) and the turban definitely suits him as well!

David Suzuki & the promo video production team.

If you are wondering, what does Bhangra have to do with the environment and this campaign? Well there’s a direct connection actually! Bhangra originated in the fields of Punjab and was first performed by male farm-workers. These hardworking men would dance Bhangra steps, play live instruments like the Dhol, and sing Boliyan (songs in couplets) to celebrate their harvest. After working so hard all year long to grow their crops, finally these farmers could let loose and enjoy the fruits of their labour, both literally and figuratively. That very environment in which our crops grow and where farmers work is exactly what the David Suzuki Foundation works so hard to protect.

The Punjabi By Nature campaign aims to get people outside every day for 30 minutes and reconnect with nature. By participating, I am confident you will build a greater appreciation for the natural beauty of Canada and understand why it is so important to continue to protect it. You’ll also feel healthier AND you will get to vote for the bhangra move you want David Suzuki to learn! Everyone who joins the challenge will be entered into a contest to win two tickets to hear David speak at the PICS 25th Anniversary CelebrationHe’ll show off his dancing skills by doing the move that gets the most votes at the end of the challenge.

Check out the Promo Video:

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